Project „Career counselling – practical approach” aims at bringing better understanding of the contemporary career counselling and delivering new tools and materials to all actors involved in the whole process of career development. The recipients of the project results will be teachers from primary and secondary schools and parents.

What project promotes?

Project promoters believe that career counselling is too important to leave it only to job advisors. We would like to equip teachers of various school subjects at primary and secondary levels with knowledge, skills and abilities to play active role in the process of career counselling of their students. But before that we will convince teachers that career guidance is changing from helping students to decide on a job to becoming a crucial part of lifelong learning. When teachers believed in the change, they would be able to participate actively in it.

The first result

The first result of the project will be the internet platform with tools and educational materials where career counselling is presented in a simple way. There will be quality resources for teachers with the aim of supporting young people in choosing their educational and occupational pathways. The materials, prepared by project partners, will include topics such as career counselling at early age, counselling focused on disadvantaged groups, career counselling – Covid-19 context, career counselling from employers’ point of view, career counselling – green approach and multi channel approach in career counselling. The resources will be for form tutors, teachers of various subjects, educators and could be used during lessons, as part of them or as extracurricular activities. Parents are very important in a career decision making process. However, some educators notice that quite often they want to fulfil their own ambitions instead of learning about their children potential.

The second result

So the second result of our project will be a toolkit: career guidance for parents which will be helping them explore the role of coach and ally from early childhood to the end of secondary education.

The third result

The third result of the project will be a video portal with 32 videos from games to job interviews. They will be selected from resources prepared in results 1 and 2. The videos will serve as an educational tool to be used by teachers, parents and employers.32